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The sport your friends want to play!

Guyball is a new sport to play with friends. It takes 5 minutes to learn, then you're ready to play!

It's new to everyone so everyone gets to be the star player, regardless of your gender, age, fitness or sports ability.

Do you want to try a unique new activity? Do you want to play more sport or be more active?


But you don't want to join a typical sports club where everyone else is already an expert? Do you care more about having fun than proving you're the alpha human?

Guyball is the sport for you!

Press the button below to play your first game and bring all your friends!


What are the rules?

The rules are really simple. The main rule is you can't catch or hold the ball. We'll teach you all the rules in 5 minutes when you arrive, then you're ready to play!

Is it mixed gender?

Guyball matches are normally mixed gender with male and female players on both teams. You can also play with an all-male or all-female group.


How many people do we need?

You need at least 8 people to play. There's no upper limit. Bring all your friends!


What do we need to bring?

Just some clothes you can run around in. We recommend a T-shirt, shorts and trainers. We always play somewhere with changing rooms and showers if you need.

Where can we play?

Guyball can be played at any sports hall with a hard floor.

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